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Greek God: Gain 8-10 lbs of Muscle and Build Incredible Strength and Proportions

Program Length: 6 months

This program includes:

  • The Ultimate Lifting Protocol to Support Dense, Sleek Muscle (and Not Overtrain)
  • The Optimal Calories, Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates for You to Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat
  • The Intermittent Fasting Approach for Optimal Hormone Function and Incredible Satisfaction
  • The MEGA and Specialization Routines for Continual Progress and Gains
  • Access to an EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community of Over 25,000 Active Positive Men and Women
  • BONUSES: 4 Bonus Workout Routines, Lean-Bulking Blueprint and Self-Hypnosis
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Superhero 2.0: Maximize Muscle Building Potential for a Physique Straight Out of a Superhero Movie

Program Length: 8 months

This program includes:

  • The exact muscle building formula and nutrition strategies to go from “Good Shape” to SUPERHERO SHAPE
  • Combines Two of The Most Effective Lifting Methods
  • Four Hard-Hitting, Specialized Muscle Building Phases
  • 8 Full Months of Training Material
  • Superhero 2.0. Lean Bulk Strategy
  • Superhero 2.0. Recomposition Strategy
  • Superhero 2.0. Excel Tracker
  • The Facebook Community



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